Havermann Financial Services by Board Room

Havermann Financial Services by Board Room

Havermann Financial Services, a company that provides tax services and tax software solutions for clients, has been considered one of the world’s most successful and profitable small business in their field. Havermann Financial Services by Board Room is a model for an innovative business strategy that incorporates core business functions in a new way.


Havermann, a leading provider of business finance management and tax advisory services, was founded by two Harvard graduates: Danny Havermann and Bridget Elinor Bergstrand, two of the architects of what is now known as the Havermann model. Through the advent of the most successful and profitable small business in its field, the Havermann model has become increasingly valuable to other successful companies and employees.


Havermann provides tax services and tax software solutions to small to mid-sized organizations, as well as commercial and government entities. By integrating these two programs into a single comprehensive program, it provides everything that one needs to be successful and maintain their productivity throughout their company. Through simple and easily understandable processes, companies have been able to dramatically reduce their paperwork and reduced risk of errors by being able to utilize the expertise of Havermann to ensure that all of their customers’ records are appropriately managed.


These services and products have also provided Havermann with more clients and improved its brand reputation among clients, current clients, and employees. Through a competitive fee structure, those businesses and organizations who chose to have Havermann perform their taxes for them have benefitted, as well, through lower rates, the ability to manage their client accounts, as well as lower cost of doing business.


The Havermann model is different from most business models in the sense that Havermann does not take on clients, sell products, or solicit opportunities. The core service offered is tax advisory, which includes tax analysis, tax planning, and tax preparation. Tax analysis is the process of identifying the tax liability for any given customer. With this information, the tax consultants can then take steps to minimize tax liability by developing a plan for liability reduction based on how the client’s finances are structured, the percentage of investment they have put into their business, the amount of business income and losses, their accounts receivable and payable, as well as their current accounts and other transactions.


Tax planning provides guidance and options for clients who are planning to expand their businesses, change the way they earn money, or add new personnel. This can include looking at the business structure to see how it may improve profitability, how it may make hiring and firing easier, and how it may enable greater profits and lower costs.


Havermann provides effective tools and solutions for financial planning that help your company to grow and prosper. Whether you need to file or prepare your taxes, or want to know how to apply for a business loan, Havermann will offer comprehensive tax advisory services and solutions that can help you succeed.


Businesses and employees who use Havermann financial services by Board Room can enjoy other services such as membership benefits, Havermann software products, membership websites, and board portal software. These services and solutions will provide your company with the highest level of productivity and profit possible.


By merging all of these services into one single application, your company can gain the same benefits that Havermann provides to their clients, allowing you to work more efficiently and prevent error. This is the main reason why many of Havermann’s current clients and employees prefer Havermann to their competitors.


Havermann provides the tools necessary to continue to provide exceptional services to clients and their employees. Througha focus on producing high quality, fully interactive, step-by-step, easily understood programs that help individuals and businesses save time and money, Havermann has developed a solution that not only solves the needs of their customers, but the needs of every individual who needs their financial services.